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Why a Master of Engineering Management?

Alumnus values the skills he acquired when he came back to campus for more.

Alex Glatz ’22, MEM ’23

As I look back on my year in the Master of Engineering and Management program at Case Western Reserve, I cannot help but feel a deep sense of gratitude and pride for the experiences. The program drew me in with its unique combination of engineering and management coursework. I came to see the synergis-tic relationships and learned new skills in both fields. 

I graduated from the Case School of Engineer- ing in 2022 with a degree in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Entering the job market, I was dissatisfied with the limited opportunities to explore my interests in en-trepreneurship and management. I wanted to use my engineering skills to add signifi-cant value to a firm’s financial performance. When I learned about the MEM program, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore my passions, build my network, and gain new skills and experiences to help me achieve these goals.

Students in the MEM program are encouraged by its structure to pursue both classes and part-time work in the industry. This fosters a balance between experience and coursework. During the program, I had the opportunity to work at two companies in the Cleveland area. I completed an internship at GE Current as a supply chain engineer, where I experienced firsthand the challenges and disruptions in the range of disciplines, offering unique technical perspectives into the technolo-gies and industries covered in our classes. I was also able to take electives focused on entrepreneurship. In classes with account-ing, finance, and MBA students, I broadened my horizons to new fields and learned about business through a range of lenses.

Collaborating with mentors and class-mates, I founded the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club, where like- minded alumni can come together to explore opportunities in the world of business ownership and acquisition.

On to the next step

Looking ahead, I am thrilled to begin a new chapter of my life as I embark on a fellowship through the U.S. State Department’s Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program in Germany. I will spend 11 months in Germany studying the language, attending engineering courses at a German university, and finally working at an engineering firm.

While partaking in this program, I will be studying Germany’s commitment to environ-mentalism coordinated with world-class manu-facturing. I believe this is the future of manu-facturing in the United States and I’m eager to implement these prac-tices in our industries. Before leaving for Germany, I will continue to engage my entrepreneurial spirit as marketing coordinator at the AiMS Institute, a business management consulting company that teaches firms how to use management techniques like appreciative inquiry to get the most out of their organization. In this role, I will collaborate with London Automation, an innovative Cleveland fundraising company, to implement cutting-edge chat AI software for marketing applications.

Undoubtedly, the MEM program has been a transformative journey, equipping me with the skills, knowledge, and experience to compete in the worlds of engineering and management. This has been a period of immense growth, both professionally and personally, and I am eager to apply my learnings in the upcoming ventures and challenges life may bring. Learn more about the MEM program at

Alex Glatz, top left, and fellow MEM 2023 graduates Morris Lee, Joe Bement, Daniella Rupert and Camila Castro.

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